Ep. 26: Creating a Ritual Around Quarantine Theater (Ft. Heather Christian and Joshua William Gelb)

Credit: Katie Rose McLaughlin for Theater in Quarantine

Every week, the culture critics at Token Theatre Friends bring their fresh perspectives to the performing arts on their podcast and video series. The podcast can be found on SpotifyiTunes, and Stitcher (look for the all-red logo). The video series is available on YouTube. The TTF theme song is by Sean Mason (with vocals by Angela Ramos). The video animation is by Brad Ogden, with logos by Jason Simon.

In this episode, Kathlynn and Jose start by looking back at the attack on the Capitol by white supremacists. Which leads to the way in which theatrical elements can be put at the service of terror. They follow this with two reviews. First, they discuss Shotgun Players’ production of Loy A. Webb’s The Light. They follow this with a review of 1993, an audio drama by Finkle produced by the Keen Company.

Jose interviews Heather Christian and Joshua William Gelb. They are the composer and director/performer, respectively, behind I Am Sending You the Sacred Face. The show explores the life of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Gelb plays her, in drag. Christian speaks about the way in which digital theater lacks ritual. Gelb gives insight into directing and performing from inside his closet.


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