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As the COVID pandemic has raged on, more publications have laid off their writers while also decreasing their writing budget. That means a smaller pool of money and more writers who need it. That has affected the Token Theatre Friends in our real lives as we saw our primary sources of income dry up.

We want to create a space where we are not waiting for an editor to say yes to their ideas, where we don’t have to compromise on our voice and vision, and where we can write and talk about the things we’ve been unable to find a publishing home for. But just like artists don’t create for free (they sell tickets to their work), writers can’t write for free.

So in order to continue to do the work that we love, we need some help—just like how every publication depends on seed funding and subscriptions to be sustainable. Right now, Jose and Diep edit the podcast, write articles and run this site all on our own. Our long-term goal will be to commission writings from other contributors and get some more Token Theatre Friends. So if you love the work that we do, you can donate to us in one of two ways.

You can sign-up to becoming a recurring donor via Patreon.

You can also make a one-time donation to support our efforts.

And if you can’t afford to, we get it. To quote Mrs. Lovett, “Times is hard.” You’ll still be able to listen to the podcast, and read our writings. We just ask that you tell your friends about us!