Ep. 49: License to Be Human (Ft. Fernanda Santos)

Credit: Maria Baranova

In every episode, the culture critics at Token Theatre Friends bring their fresh perspectives to the performing arts on their podcast and video series. You can find the podcast on SpotifyiTunes, and Stitcher (look for the all-red logo). The video series is available on YouTube. The TTF theme song is by Sean Mason (with vocals by Angela Ramos). The video animation is by Brad Ogden, with logos by Jason Simon.

In this episode, Jose speaks to Fernanda Santos. The trailblazing, multilingual writer is known for her powerful journalism and intimate storytelling. Now she’s also a musical writer with ¡Americano! which tells the real-life story of Tony Valdovinos, a young man who discovers he’s undocumented and fights to remind people why he belongs in the US. Santos spoke about the kind of stories that draw her, as well as the immigrant saudade that comes with being split between two worlds.


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