Ep. 22: Kelly is Going to Prom (Feat. Alexandra Silber, Marike Splint, and Denisse Estefany Mendoza)

Courtesy: Netflix

Every week, the culture critics at Token Theatre Friends bring their fresh perspectives to the performing arts on their podcast and video series. The podcast can be found on SpotifyiTunes, and Stitcher (look for the all-red logo) The video series is available on YouTube. The TTF theme song is composed by Sean Mason (with vocals by Angela Ramos). The video animation is created by Brad Ogden, with logos by Jason Simon.

In this episode Jose and Kelly review Ryan Murphy’s adaptation of The Prom (now in select theaters, Dec. 11on Netflix). Therefore, they discuss how the Hollywood cast fares compared to the Broadway company. After that, Kelly discusses digital quest Thickett and The Mad Ones Engine.

Jose talked to the multitalented Alexandra Silber about the cast recording of Einstein’s Dreams and her novels. He also discussed the surprising romanticism of Google Earth with You Are Here creator Marike Splint, and did a segment in Spanish with Denisse Estefany Mendoza of ¡Niños Show Up!


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